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Group travel arrangements


Stadshotel Ootmarsum specializes in organizing group travel. We have two packages for you:

  • a week package from Saturday to Saturday
  • a midweek package from Monday to Friday

These packages include a full day and evening program. This program is compiled in consultation with you. The packages are based on full board. Day trips and afternoon trips are included in the packages. The week package has two day trips and two afternoon trips, the midweek package one day trip and one afternoon trip. Lunch during the day trips is included. The program also offers space for a half-day to go shopping, walking or cycling independently.


Possibilities day trips

  • Brickworks Losser
  • Synagogue Enschede
  • Strawberry farm Manderveen
  • Vriezenveen stove museum
  • Clog Museum Goor
  • Buffalofarm Denekamp
  • Emsflower Emsbüren (DE)
  • Salt Museum Delden
  • Crystal Museum Borculo
  • Horse dairy Harbrinkhoek
  • Singraven estate with watermill
  • Zoo Nordhorn (DE)
  • Cheese factory Kaamps Deurningen
  • Day trip to Münster, Tecklenburg or Nordhorn in Germany


Excursions in Ootmarsum

  • Educatorium
  • Open-air museum Los Hoes
  • Ton Schulte Museum
  • Glassworks Hot Marks
  • Shop and visit galleries


Evening program options

  • City walk of the VVV
  • Presentation about the nature, culture and history of Ootmarsum (Local history presentation).
  • Performance of the operetta company
  • Folkloric dance evening
  • Bingo on the house
  • Cold and warm buffet with music from the Decap organ



  • Weekly package From € 510.00 pp (excl. € 2.25 tourist tax pppd) Surcharge single room € 65.00 pp
  • Midweek package From € 330.00 pp (excl. € 2.25 tourist tax pppd) Surcharge single room € 36.00 pp


Bicycle rental

  • Day rental bicycle with 7 gears and drum brake € 9.00 by bike
  • Weekly rental bicycle with 7 gears and drum brake € 45.00 by bike
  • Day rental bicycle with pedal assistance (Sparta / Batavus)€ 20.00 by bike
  • Weekly rental bicycle with pedal assistance (Sparta / Batavus) € 100.00 by bike

    The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) apply to all agreements entered into by us. These are available for inspection and will be sent free of charge upon request. The UVH are binding on everyone who uses our services.