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Ootmarsum originated in the Middle Ages. The town received city rights around 1300. The city had a regional function for the surrounding arable area and due to its favorable location, a lot of trade was conducted. In the middle of the center is the HH Simon and Judas Church. This Roman Catholic church has both Romanesque and Gothic features and is the only church in the Netherlands to fall under the Westphalian Romano-Gothic.


In front of the church are the Poaskearls: a sculpture group of eight young men. In earlier days they had an important role in the preparation and execution of the rituals around Easter, such as building an Easter fire. Even today, the residents of Ootmarsum still travel through the city at Easter, hand in hand in a long ribbon, singing. They are preceded by the Poaskearls. They wear a hat, a long beige raincoat and black trousers. After the procession through the city, the Easter fire is lit. This folkloric event attracts many visitors every year.


Attracted by the romantic atmosphere of the city and the idyllic landscape, more and more artists settled in Ootmarsum over the years. They live and work here. You can admire and buy their work in the many galleries in the city. There are also numerous boutiques where you can buy handmade jewelry and clothing.

…and cosy
Ootmarsum is a pleasant town. Narrow streets with picturesque facades and half-timbered houses. Colorful boutiques, shops and galleries. A square with cafes, restaurants and sunny terraces in the summer. But of course you start your voyage of discovery in Stadshotel Ootmarsum.

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Day trips

There are countless possibilities for a day out in the area. For example, you can visit the Clog Museum in Goor. The Singraven estate, with an old water mill, is also recommended. And do you enjoy visiting churches? Then you should not miss the most beautiful synagogue in the Netherlands in Enschede. But there are many more possibilities. You will find an extensive collection of brochures in the reception of our hotel.

For groups we include day trips of your choice in the program.
We also organize day trips for groups to the German towns of Tecklenburg, Münster and Nordhorn.

Walking and cycling

In the vicinity of Ootmarsum you can enjoy hiking and cycling. The Springendal in particular is ideal for longer walking and cycling trips. This nature reserve is one of the most beautiful in Twente. It is also called 'The garden of the Netherlands'. The Springendal covers an area of ​​355 hectares and is managed by the Forestry Commission. You will not encounter cars and other motorized traffic here, because they are not allowed into the nature reserve. What you will find here is an unspoilt part of Twente. Vast forests. Streams and lakes fed by springs. Hills, but also heaths and meadows. Old farms in the characteristic Twente architectural style and the hedgerows that characterize the landscape, which separate the plots and prevent erosion. Go out and enjoy the Twente landscape.